Frequently Asked Questions

A   We provide only out call services.
B   Our hostesses are more than happy to travel with you out side of Bangkok.
C   If for any reason you wish to cancel the hostess upon her arrival we kindly ask you to pay her 2,000 thb for her time and expense for travel.
D  Under NO circumstances do we give personal details about any of our staff.
E Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us so you can be assured of discretion at all times,

F All profile photographs that are used in our gallery are 100% real . We do not photo shop or enhance photographs in any way.  We pride our selves on sending you the hostess that you book. Details are also correct . If the hostess you book states on her details that she is 170 tall she will not be 155 tall. Our only wishes are to provide a high class and reliable service to our clients.

Thai Etiquette

A   Please at all times show respect to the King and to the Royal family.

B   When you meet with a Thai national it is polite to greet them by a form of a Wai.

C  It is seen as very impolite to touch a thai persons head. Please do not do this.

D  You should never point your feet towards people or step over there legs, It is polite to walk around them.

E  It is customary when entering a thai home to remove your shoes and at all times when entering a temple.

F  Things in Thailand can take a little longer than in the western world , so relax and keep smiling. Sabai, Sabai.


If you wish  to change currency then do not do this at the airport or your hotel . One of the best rates will be given by Vasu Exchange which is situated very centrally in Bangkok at Sukhumvit Road close to Nana BTS station. Tel 022531706

If you will be using public transport in the form of taxis, ensure the meter is activated when you start your journey.

It is all ways advisable to drink bottled water , and plenty of it as the high temperatures in Thailand will lead to dehydration.
If you require any form of medical attention then standards in Thailand are very high,

For doctors that can visit you  Global Doctors offer a very good service   Tel 022368440

Bumrungrad Hospital Tel  026671000

Samitivej  Hospital Tel  027118181

We hope these few pointers will help you in enjoying your time in Thailand.